Upcoming Events

Sunday 11 November Exploring Life through the Light of Death10h-12h30, Yogaroots Studio, 35, with Susie. This workshop is an opportunity to investigate, reflect and discover our relationship with death & dying. Although this session draws inspiration from Buddhist teachings, it will not be a lesson about death but rather an opportunity to reflect upon our own mortality & the barriers and fears associated with it. There will be enquiries in small groups, possibilities to share and practice deep listening as we offer a supportive presence towards each other. Coming closer to death invariably allows for a deeper appreciation of life.

Sunday 2 December Day Retreat of Yoga & Meditation, 10h-16h, Yogaroots Studio, €60, with Susie. The day will draw on the wise teachings of Patanjali (Yoga Sutra) and the Buddha, and include the practice of asana (posture), pranayama (breath/energy), relaxation & insight meditation. We will be supported both by periods of silence and times of interaction and enquiry.

Sunday 9 December – Yoga & Sound with Susie and Henri-Denis, 10h30-12h30, at Salle Dublin in Ixelles. Cost: 30 euros. Read more here.

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