Online with Zohar Lavie

Pathways to Happiness

Live online session with Zohar Lavie
Monday 1 June 17h-18h30 (CET)
On donation

Being human includes feeling great and feeling pain; given the changing nature of experience what kind of happiness is possible for us? Can we cultivate freedom, happiness and contentment that are less reliant on the external conditions of our lives?
During this session we will explore how the ways we relate to experience impact what we perceive, and the possibilities of nourishing attitudes that support the wellbeing of all. 
The session will include a guided meditation practice, a Dharma talk and time for questions. 

Zohar offers these teachings freely and we are invited to support her by making a donation/Dana.

Zohar Lavie is a meditation teacher in the insight (Vipassana) tradition who teaches internationally and is a regular teacher at Gaia House retreat centre in the UK. Her wish to combine Dharma practices with social and environmental care led to the creation of Sangha Seva in 2004 and she has been offering service inspired retreats since then. Since 2011 Zohar has been coming to Brussels at the end of the summer of give us two meditation days.