About me

Susie Jones

I was born in London in 1973, the sun in Scorpio. Aged 16 my mother introduced me to Yoga, but it would be 10 years later, with a degree in Social Anthropology from Cambridge University under my belt, that I began to practice regularly, starting to teach in 2005. Trained in Europe & India, I am a certified teacher of Hatha Yoga (KRI 2005 + Sivananda 2007). Through my love of children, I have also trained in Radiant Child Yoga (2010) and Yoga for children with developmental challenges (2009). Since 2003 I have been practicing Vipassana meditation and in 2011 I started to facilitate a meditation group. I became a certified Mindfulness teacher with the Mindfulness Training Institute in 2020 and in 2022 a certified Mindful Mentor with CloudSangha. I have studied mindful communication and NVC with Oren Jay Sofer. In 2016 I undertook a course in Thanatology: graceful living a threshold into dying. In recent years I have been studying with a number of teachers and somatic educators inspired by Vanda Scaravelli & Feldenkrais. You can read more about my current approach to yoga here.

An important turning point in my life came in 2006 when I left the office job to embark on a journey that over two years would take me from the ashrams in South India, to meditation retreats in Thailand, up through China to reach the Himalayas in Tibet, Nepal & India. This was a soul-searching time of meeting many teachers, practicing & opening to new experiences that would ultimately lead me back to my own heart and inner guide.

Another wonderful turning point came in 2014 with the birth of my son, he quickly became my preferred Guru. I am also honoured to be step-mother of three beautiful boys becoming men. I live in Brussels in a house full of boys.

I enjoy photography & writing and I love to dance.

Being grateful for this yogic journey, it is a blessing if I can share some of it with others.

You know you’re getting older when things are more than 10 years old – I was interviewed by Evan Lamos for Brussels TV back in 2010 :