About me

Susie Jones

I can thank my mother for introducing me to Yoga at age 16, but it would be 10 years later in the year 2000 that I began to practice regularly, starting to teach in 2005. Trained in Europe & India, I am a certified teacher of Kundalini Yoga (KRI, 2005) and Sivananda Hatha Yoga (2007). Through my joy of working with children, I have also trained in Radiant Child Yoga (2010) and Yoga for children with developmental challenges (2009). Since 2003 I have been practicing Vipassana meditation and in 2011 I started to facilitate a sitting group. As time goes by I have seen how my own meditation practice influences my teaching of yoga; embracing yoga as a mindfulness practice and a way to explore life through body, mind and heart.

In 2006, disillusioned & seeking something else, I left my office job to embark on a journey that over two years would take me from the ashrams in South India, to meditation retreats in Thailand, up through China to reach the Himalayas in Tibet, Nepal & India. This was a soul-searching time of meeting many teachers & opening to new experiences that would ultimately lead me back to my own heart and inner guide.

Off the mat, I practice yoga with my preferred Guru: my 6 year old son Liam 🙂

I enjoy photography & writing and I love to dance.

Being grateful for this yogic journey, it is a blessing if I can share some of it with others.

I was interviewed by Evan Lamos for Brussels TV in 2010: