I have always loved words, writing & poetry. Every New and Full Moon I write a “Moon Report” and email it to those who are interested – if you’d like to receive it please sign up here. I read about the stars and planets from a number of astrologers and then compile the report adding my own reflections and intuitions.

In 2011, Paolo and I wrote a story together about a young boy called Jack who embarks on an adventure to discover what it means to be Media-Wise. The metaphor of crossing an ocean to reach the shore of wisdom was inspired by Buddhist teachings. The story became a cartoon and you can see and hear it here.

In 2010 I went on a Sangha Seva retreat to Anandwan in India. Little did I know what impact it would have on me and how grateful I would be to have visited this piece of heaven on earth. As well as taking photos, I sent 3 letters from there and you can download them here:

And finally a few poems. This poem woke me up at about three in the morning as I slept in a hotel room in Chennai in India in December 2010, I had no choice but to find a pen and start writing. It is inspired by a good and kind-hearted man that I was fortunate enough to meet earlier that year.

The Keeper of the Key
The keeper of the key came knocking one fine day
I was getting ready for his visit
I knew I’d know him right away.
The key turned in the rusty lock and opened up my heart
Inside we found forgotten dreams and desires denied
Like caged birds, their voices lost
Just their pulse beating a rhythm of life
But now the door lies wide and open
The light comes in and fresh air stirs
The sleepy birds from their silence
Freedom lies within their reach
Endless skies of unknown promise
Full of wonder all to see
But fear lurks beneath their folded wings
Trembling sweet vulnerability
The keeper of the key he beckons
With his gentle, tender hand
“Be free” he whispers, “Fall in Love,
Sing your song, and fly with me”.

There have been a number of important women who have come into my life, bringing me messages & nurturing me. There’s always something slightly other-worldly and mysterious about them.

Dark Woman
This tall woman full of grace
Meets me in that open space
I’ve seen her many times before
Her hair is dark, a little wild
Her eyes hold untold stories in their depths
She brings mystery & wisdom older than her years
She comes on time with a message
That unfolds around me like an angel
With wings so soft and touch so tender
We dance the dance of spirits near and far
Of this we can be sure
From her dark beauty a light doth shine on me
Revealing hidden secrets I now see
This tall woman full of grace
Meets me in that open space.

This one came one early morning as I was walking in the forest in Tervuren.

Two Grandfathers
Walking in the forest up ahead

I see my Grandfathers standing there.
The one I’ve known and watched grow old
Well-dressed in tweed, grey haired and ruddy cheeks
He smiles at me and cracks a joke
So comfortable and familiar, known
I share with him the love for his sons.
The one I never met is photographic black and white
Dark hair and handsome, forever young
Fixed and still, just one expression
But in his eyes I share his pain
I’ve been to see the horror of such darkness
The razor edge of deep despair
The tears, the loss, the choking anguish
So uncomfortable and familiar, known
I share with him the love for his daughters.
Two dear Grandfathers, standing by, that I have known.

Sitting still
And then the thought arises
Like an ocean wave
It is you
Breathing still
And then a thought arises
Like a gust of wind
It is you
Thinking still
The thoughts arise

Knocking at the door – I let them in
Together we celebrate you.