Yoga Mala

Brussels Yoga Mala

Since 2010 the Brussels yoga community has been celebrating the Summer Solstice and raising money for charity with the Brussels Yoga Mala!

What is the Yoga Mala?
A yoga event for all the family where we celebrate life and practice 108 Sun Salutations, kids have their own yoga party, and we raise money for charity.
108? I can only do 8 before I need a rest in savasana!
No problem, whether you do 8 or 108 we will complete the mala together.  The last Malas have seen over 100 women, men and children coming together to make one sunny circle
Where is it and when?
On the mezzanine in Autoworld Museum, Park Cinquantenaire

To sign up for the Mala, just write to, and please join our Facebook page.