A Wholehearted Life: Some appreciative voices and testimonials from the previous courses

“I loved the course. The teachings were delivered in a down to earth and balanced way and very clear so that I could relate what you were saying to my own life and experiences. But more than that I felt you explained things in an inspired way – putting things into words that could really reach me.” Elisa

“I found it tremendously nourishing at the same time as being hard work! It was good to hear all these things again in a structured way – it was like you were shining the lamp of the Buddha’s teachings just where we needed to see”. Claire

“These sessions are no doubt not only very helpful, they are necessary as they reinforce our resolve. Many thanks again.” Louise

“It was a wonderful, healing series.” Heather

“I really enjoyed the course with Susie. She’s a natural born teacher who never fails to inspire. The course itself was a perfect balance of reflection, yoga and meditation and every week it seemed to touch on exactly those issues that were close to my heart.” Wivica

“Every Monday evening was an oasis of relaxation and well being. A pause in the busy everyday working life. I have the feeling this class is just the beginning of a different way of living…. lighter and better.” Gregoire

“Thank you! I found the class to be well taught and thought-through, and very healing. You created a lovely learning and sharing space for everyone, and I found your guidance very inspiring and helpful.” Catherine

“What is part of my everyday life thanks to you is the gratitude diary and moments throughout the day where I consciously feel my breath and try to connect with my inner self”. Yvonne

“The course was for me a very strong experience, I felt as I was bathed in Susie’s care, kindness, love and wisdom, not only on 5 Mondays but also during the week thanks to Susie’s emails and suggestions for daily practice. I have learned the power of gratitude, I have learned about the power of our thoughts and that our thoughts are only a very small part of our mind, there is something very deeper, and I began to accept myself as I am and to accept everything in my life as it comes and to not resist anymore. I am on a new beautiful path now. Thank you so much, Susie.” Zuzana

“Susie is an excellent teacher thanks to her substantial knowledge and wisdom and also to her gentle, respectful and ‘heartful’ ways, be it in passing on the teachings, holding the energy of the group or responding to the needs and resonances of the individuals. The many small insights I gained and the little shifts that happened resulted in a higher level of awareness in general, in a more open heart with more compassion and joy in it and in developing some good practices, like the daily practices of the Sun Salutation, meditation and gratitude journaling. An excellent value for money, highly recommended.” Agnes

“This course was truly a step towards a more wholehearted living because it did touch my heart directly and in very deep levels. I wish I can repeat it one day not only in order to get in touch again with all the wise concepts that we discussed and practice the meditations but also because your course generated so much compassion and kindness and a great sense of community and unity with even total strangers. This was a deep and true human experience and that is what I cherished the most”. Despina

“Thank you again for the nice experience of the course, I enjoyed both the theoretical learnings, the practice – and I very much enjoyed these peaceful two hours every Monday during which I was able to leave all “daily life” behind! Some suggestions/practices were familiar to me already – but the course inspired me to take up their  daily practice – but a lot of the exercises were new to me and I find it amazing how they can change my view on things, incidents, situations or people – generally providing me some more “distance” or a more loving and understanding look at them which makes me feel better and gives me more peace. I can only recommend to try out your mindfulness course if you are ready to “let go” old habits and try out new ways of thinking – and I enjoy thinking back of the loving and peaceful atmosphere in the room.” Lisa

“I came to the ‘A Wholehearted Life’ course after being diagnosed with postnatal depression and anxiety. The course was invaluable in helping me to reconnect with my body – I felt like I could really breathe for the first time in months – and a wonderful reminder of the importance of being kind and gentle to ourselves, and grateful for our many blessings. Thank you!” Katy

“I very much enjoyed the Wholehearted Life course. It was my first course on mindfulness. I learnt a lot: from theoretical/historical background to practising mindful meditation. I appreciate Susie’s warm and loving attitude towards all participants. She helps to stay still and listen to yourself which has become rare in our busy lives. I liked a lot a cozy, relaxing and informal atmosphere during the course. I would definetely recommend the course to someone who is looking for some answers inside, who would like to know yourself better. Thank you!” Maryia

“The Wholehearted Life course was a great experience. What makes these yoga and meditation teachings a real success is Susie’s ability to offer very simple, yet very powerful techniques. I wish this course would endure and expand.” Ingrida

“The course was an eye opening experience that contributed to finding my inner peace and tranquility. Susie created a magical atmosphere and the meditation practice helped me to calm down my body and mind. After completing the course, I feel refreshed and I have learned more about myself. ” Anna

“For me, Susie’s course was exactly what I was looking for – a gentle introduction into meditation and a different mind-set.  I felt comfortable and safe from the very first moment and enjoyed and appreciated every session.” Tania

“With this course, Susie gave us simple tools to appreciate life under a different angle. We study Buddhist principles and learn how to apply them in our daily life. It is nothing and a revolution at the same time. Through simple exercises, Susie made us aware of the relationship between body and mind, and gave us the right tools to work on both. Thanks to this course, I became more aware of who I really am and what my needs are. I also became a better version of myself. Susie is very knowledgeable in Buddhism and Yoga and came up with the perfect blend of teaching and practical exercises, both mental and physical. She provides a safe space for an exploration of the soul.” Severine

“I was very glad to have had the opportunity to attend your Wholehearted Living course. I found it eye-opening and thought-provoking in many respects, and walked away with the realisation that I can choose to treat myself and others with loving kindness, to listen attentively when people talk to me, to observe my thoughts and feelings by stepping gently aside, and to use my breath as a tool for meditation.” Bija

“I would like to thank you very much for your precious guidance and for the lovely, warm, sincere athmosphere you created during the course. I truly appreciated your generosity in sharing your knowledge and your experience with us. Thank you for all the weekly summaries prepared with so much love and care- they are a treasure to me! I found your teachings about the buddhist philosophy very interesting. My meditation and mindfulness practices (and my life!) have been enriched with a deeper meaning. I enjoyed the poems, the sharing activities, the yoga asana, the meditations. Every Monday after the course I left your studio feeling joyful, peaceful, inspired and with a lighter heart.” Francesca

“I felt meditation was something that was waiting for me since a long time!
I found the interactions with the other “medi-friends” enriching, not just because I discovered how many different feelings and life experiences can be shared within such a short time frame, but also because I felt the togetherness. A togetherness that didn’t put a stigma on human beings, on actions, that didn’t try to label and give a strict definition to feelings and emotions. I felt a strong feeling of acceptance. Not just towards myself and who I am, but also coming from the group.” Giulia