Being Peace

Fundraising Yoga & Meditation session

Saturday 25 November 16h30-18h30

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This is a response to war & conflict. We are heartbroken to witness the situation in the Middle East. We are raising funds for two charities that have been recommended to us. One is MAP (Medical Aid for Palestine) and the other is the Parents Circle (a joint Israeli-Palestinian charity for bereaved families seeking peace).

The inspiration for the session will be “Being Peace”, exploring how we can embody & live in accordance with one of the ethical foundations of yoga – non-violence (ahimsa). Being Peace is also the name given to the retreats that have been organised in Palestine & Israel by our friends of SanghaSeva. Their work over the last decades towards peace and unity in this troubled part of the world has touched many lives.

You might like to attend the yoga session at the Studio or online, or request the recording of the session, or simply contribute to our appeal by making a donation. All ways of participating are welcome.

Donations can be made to Roots ASBL BE95 5230 8141 0458 with the mention ‘Peace donation’.

Thank you for your support!