Being Peace


Fundraising Yoga & Meditation session

Saturday 26 March 10h-11h30

The inspiration for the morning will be “Being Peace”, exploring how we can embody & live in accordance with one of the ethical foundations of yoga – non-violence (ahimsa).

At Yogaroots we are raising funds for two organisations, one based in the Ukraine and one in Russia: Vostok SOS is a charity in the Ukraine that provides immediate evacuation support to Ukrainians attempting to flee their homes. Vostok maintains a hotline for Ukrainians in need and, going forward, hopes to provide trauma support to victims of the Russian invasion; and OVD Info is a human rights charity in Russia that that provides and coordinates legal assistance in cases related to political persecution and the restrictions of freedom of peaceful assembly.

You might like to attend the yoga session at the Studio or online, or request the recording of the session, or simply contribute to our appeal by making a donation. All ways of participating are welcome.

Sign up here if you’d like to attend and/or receive the recording

Donations can be made to Roots ASBL BE53 1325 4570 3853 and we will pass them on to the two charities.