Blossoms of Joy


Sunday 21 April, 15h-17h30
In person at the Studio, live online & via recording
40 euros (nobody turned away due to financial constraints)

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During this session we will ride on the waves of Spring to explore our relationship to the quality of heart we call joy. What do we mean by joy ? How are gratitude and appreciation part of it ?

We often have a certain amount of conditioning in relation to joy and its expression – did we have to suppress or contain joyful feelings, or maybe we had to be joyful and couldn’t show painful emotions. A common view might be ‘how can I be joyful with so much suffering in the world ?’

What is the felt-sense when joy arises ? How can our embodied movements support the opening of the heart ?
We will look at what cultivates and what hinders the blossoming of joy.

During the workshop we will reflect, move & meditate.

All are welcome!