Film Screening with Eva Claus

A Continuous Movement Suspended in Time

The 16mm films of Eva Claus

Thursday 15 February 2024, 18h30 at Yogaroots Studio
Film length: 45 mins followed by Q&A with the artist

On Donation – funds will be given to Mothers Against Violence (who have a long term relationship with several communities in the southern West Bank. This is one of the areas with the highest instances of settler violence. They provide food and basic medical supplies to these villages).

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Eva Claus is an audio-visual artist working primarily with 16mm film. Her practice is driven by observations of un/expected encounters with landscapes and people, natural habitats, space, psyche, circularity and means of film itself. Eva’s films exhibit a contemplative form of watching. In her recent films she uses an intuitive method of filmmaking in which she shares her interest in minimal narration. 

Eva is a member of the Yogaroots community and explains “Just like in a film sound/silence and image go hand in hand, for me my yoga and meditation practice is closely connected to the creative process and filmmaking. My yogic journey has been an endless source of inspiration for my films.”

The programme includes both silent and sound works, both in black&white and colour. After the screening we will have the opportunity to discuss with Eva her films and different creative processes. 

The film programme will consist of 7 short films and will last approximately 45 min.  

All films are shown in their original format 16 mm.