Brussels Yoga Coop
is a cooperative & network of Yogis in Brussels, sharing information & supporting teachers.

Brussels Yoga Mala (Facebook page) is a yearly event bringing the Yoga community together to practice 108 Sun Salutations and raise funds for charity.

Henri-Denis Golenvaux is a fantastic musician & sound therapist as well as Reiki master and Vipassana meditator. We come together to offer Yoga & Sound Meditation sessions once a month.

Peaceful Mind Yoga is home to the wonderful Brussels-based Yoga teacher Claire Smith. Multi-talented Claire also gets the award for best cook in Brussels!

Active Birth Yoga for Pregnancy run by Sophie. She’s really an expert in this field and brings knowledge and a beautiful warmth to her classes. She teaches at Yogaroots on Thursday lunchtimes.

Thai Therapies is the blog of Brussels-based therapist Andrea Grazzini, without doubt the best Thai massage this side of Chiang Mai!

Ariyanandi is the blog of my dear friend Ariya who paints the most beautiful Thangkas and walks the path of the Bodhisattva.

Sampoorna Yoga Studio is a lovely yoga studio in the heart of Brussels created by Hanna & Eknath.

Sivananda Yoga is a worldwide organisation dedicated to teaching yoga and training teachers. I trained with them in 2007.

Special Yoga Centre is a yoga centre in north London dedicated to offering yoga to children with special needs. I trained with them in 2009.

Isha Foundation is a beautiful yoga ashram in Tamil Nadu, home to Sadhguru and my dear friend Marie who dedicates her life to Project GreenHands

Salle Dublin is one of the best venues in Brussels, run by the talented Luis. We have our Yoga & Sound sessions there.

Sangha Seva facilitates meditation and work/service retreats around the world. Every year in December Zohar and Nathan lovingly offer such a retreat at Anandwan in India. And in August Zohar comes to Brussels to give 2 one-day retreats.

Dharma Yatra is a 10-day pilgrimage every summer, bringing together silent walking meditation & exploration through interaction with others.

Le Moulin Meditation Centre is a lovely meditation centre in France that offers retreats in the Vipassana tradition.

Vipassana Meditation as taught by Goenka, a classic training in this meditation technique accessible by everyone.

Yogafinder will help you find yoga teachers/workshops across the globe.

Anna Piratti has a special gift of seeing and making beauty – an artist, a designer, a teacher, … she is the creative force behind my logo and the Brussels Yoga Mala logo.

Julie Doutrelepont is also a talented artist and graphic/web designer, she helps me with some of the more technical aspects of this website.