Nourishing Intentions

Sunday 21 January 10h-12h30
Live at the Studio and online
Recording available to follow at another moment
40 euros

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With the New Year, we take time to reflect upon our intentions. How can intentions be nourished, and which intentions are most nourishing ?

In the Yogic tradition the sanscrit word Sankalpa describes this intention or resolve that resonates within the heart. It sometimes takes on the quality of making a vow. A purposeful determination and willingness to bring into being. The bringing into being can also be through restraint – the non-doing. The Bhagavad Gita teaches about the importance of the intent behind any action, more important than the fruit of the action – how come?

How can clearer intentions influence our embodied practice of yoga & meditation and vice versa ?

Susie guides us through enquiry, movement and meditation, we will explore this theme together.

All are welcome!