Rewilding the Body


Saturday 16 September 16h-18h30
Live at the Studio and online
Recording available to follow at another moment
35 euros

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How do we perceive our bodies ? Individually and culturally ? What is the impact ?

The ways we think about our bodies, the images and words we use, determine our experience of being embodied, how we relate to ourselves, to others and the world. It matters a great deal.

Is the body a machine? Is it an animal?

We will explore these questions and try out some other images that we will take into our movements and practice.

In this 2.5-hour session we will have time for reflection, enquiry, movement, meditation and relaxation. 

All are welcome!

Here Susie explains why she is so passionate about this theme:

“I remember about 20 years ago while studying yoga the body was likened to a car, the metaphor worked well in our mechanistic world – an inner world of engine, oil, mechanisms, an outer appearance, parts, needing fuel and maintenance, and with a driver! The teaching going on to explain that the body is something to take care of but essentially not our true selves. I hope we have moved on from there, however the ways we perceive of our bodies and the language we use are still anchored in this mechanical framework. It should be no surprise then that we could feel disconnected from our bodies (even uncomfortable) and no longer able to read its innate signals or trust its intelligence. A whole, alive, intelligent body has been disintegrated into parts (that in the end let us down). One way of defining Yoga could well be integration, and as such it is important that we reclaim and rewild this wholeness. To me the impact of this goes well beyond our bodies and impacts the way we are in the world. With this workshop we dedicate some time to this, and maybe do some mending. If you too feel touched by this please do join us.”