“Established in this cosmic vibration, the sage goes beyond fear, decay, and death to enter into infinite peace”. The Prashna Upanishad

Once a month the wonderful sound therapist Henri-Denis Golenvaux and I come together to create a Sunday morning of good vibrations.

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CANCELLED due to the Coronavirus outbreak
21 June 2020

10h30 – 12h30
€ 30 per session – as places are limited it is advisable to book in advance by contacting Susie

We practice an hour of Yoga to gently stretch and open the body in preparation for an hour of deep relaxation through sound vibration.

It is difficult to say what happens at these sessions because everybody has a unique experience of it. Some of the words that come up are: surrendering, letting-go, opening, resonating, deep relaxation, healing, connecting, peace ….

Ourselves, our world & universe are vibrational energy manifesting in different forms – constantly moving waves & spirals of energy that may appear to us as solid or static. It is seen with musical instruments or clocks that the vibration of one will effect the other through resonance. If it is the case for these inanimate objects how must it be for us as sensitive human beings? We are all familiar with the experience of resonance – whether through feeling a sense of calmness as we walk into a place of prayer or feeling peace as we walk among trees in a forest – it can also be feeling the tension and anxiety from someone who is in conflict. It is resonance that allows us to feel empathy, a truly beautiful human gift. Resonance moves us towards connection.

The vibrations from sound are a powerful means to attune ourselves to our inner capacity for resonance.

Have a look at Henri and his sound instruments: