Exploration with Nathan

Live online session with Nathan Glyde
Sunday 30 August 17h00-18h30 (CEST Brussels time)
Guided meditation, talk and Q&A

The heart of kindness and connection: Developing the art of listening and responding

The gap between being reactive and being responsive is quite small. When we’re reactive or impulsive we’re less likely to have paused and listened. 

Perhaps the best way of describing the skill of meditation is listening. How skilled can we get in listening to our lives? How much better can we become at listening to others in our life?

Meditation as listening supports us to respond rather than react. We lessen the rush of habitual reactions by learning to pause before acting. This can significantly help reduce regret. For when we open for a moment to what is here, rather than quickly try to get rid of this or hold into that, we find a far wider range of possibilities of kindness and connection.  

Perhaps this is why they say Mahatma Gandhi would mediate once every day. Unless he was busy, for then he would meditate twice.

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Nathan began meditating in 1997, and teaching retreats in 2007. From continued exploration grew a deep love for meditation’s alive stillness and creative silence. Feeling the potential for all of life to play a part in awakening opened an interest to cultivate attentiveness in every experience. In 2004 this led to the co-founding of SanghaSeva.org to offer retreats combining meditation with social and environmental action.